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Kids Fitness & Sports play an important role in endowing the children with great physical benefits. Oodles Kids Gym helps kids to know the value of full body workout, muscle strength and balance, and healthy bones and flexibility. 


1 CLASS /Wk $45/month- 45 mins/class

6 months PrePaid Offer - Pay for 4 months and get 2 months free. 6 months of classes for the price of 4.

Unlimited CLASS /Wk $95/month- 45 mins/class (available between 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM on Weekdays Monday -Thursday depending on class schedule)

Class Timings

45 mins Kids Gym program held in gym area:  

Oodles Gymnastics program is designed by our experts for ages 10 months to 12 years.
We offer the following expert designed kids gym programs: " Mommy & Me " "Toddles", "Waddles" & "Gymdles".

Mommy & Me 10 months-2yrs ( Parent Participation )  -We introduce fitness sessions and tumbling through games and songs. Swings, slides, jumping, rides, hanging, adventures and more are part of this.

"Toddles Too ! " 2.5 -3yrs - Here we introduce basic fitness skills and help our students become
more independent. Our class is more structured and includes group stretches and warm-ups
followed by gymnastics & tumbling.climbing, balancing, swings, jumping, rides,
and more are part of this. Parent observation required.

"Waddles " 3-5 yrs - This class introduces more gymnastics skills including ; rolls , balance beam , back-handspring barrel and the mailbox . Gymnasts will also improve flexibility and coordination. 

"Gymdles" 5+    Lead by our awesome staff children will learn ; rolls , handstands, Cartwheels , Bridges . We will also work on balance coordination and improve flexibility.


Oodles perform a parent-n-tot and motor development classes around weekly-themed lesson plans which are based on body awareness, listening skills, motor development, physical fitness in a fun and safe environment. Both the child as well as their parent can participate in this activity along with an instructor. Your child can explore various pieces of environment for 45 minutes. Oodles perform programs with bright colors, music and variety of themes which will add fun for you and your child.    

Exploration and Exercise through guided discoveries!  

Oodles conducts a very playful parenting program with new skill challenges, and hand eye coordination, gross and loco motor skill acquisition, and socialization components. The fundamentals of gymnastics are being carried out in a fun family atmosphere.  

1. Oodles conduct classes in a weekly themed curriculum.

2. You can come as many times as you want in a week, and will be provided with the BEST gym value.

3. You can come on your own schedule and at any day to a proper age class.

4. Oodles has a big gym and a little gym equipment made just for small kids.

5. We have the instructors who know, understand and love kids.